Paul Hill, President and CEO of Nationwide Electric Supply

Paul Hill, Nationwide Electric Supply

Paul Hill, President and CEO of Nationwide Electric Supply, is perhaps the quintessential go-getter. After many years being part-owner in a business that he felt needed to “wake up and smell the 21st century”, he realized he wanted more. However, creating a plan was overwhelming, given his unique and unforeseen circumstances.

“When I first met with FocalPath Coaching, I had a business stuck in neutral and two business partners with very different goals and aspirations as me. My monthly meetings helped me navigate the retirement of one partner, and the devastating premature death of the other.”

After getting through the initial challenges of ownership changes, Paul went straight to work with Head Business Coach, René Haines.

“The first thing we did was re-brand. Then we digitized our inventory for the first time ever, built an ecommerce platform on our new website, and aggressively implemented new computing systems and marketing strategies,” Paul says. “FocalPath Coaching’s wealth of real-life experience in the business world coupled with steady advice and support has given me the confidence to be persistent in taking my business to the next level.”

Paul has changed his future and taken charge of it thanks to the confidence he’s developed with FocalPath® Coaching.

“Our company would not be where it is today without the help of René and FocalPath Coaching.”

While he attributes much of his successes to the help of René, his determination and resilience – the best characteristics of business owners – has helped him overcome challenges and positioned his company exactly where he wanted it to be.

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