Chuck Pearson, owner of accounting firm Pearson & Company, PC

Chuck Pearson, Pearson & Company, PC

Chuck Pearson, owner of accounting firm Pearson & Company, PC, was first introduced to FocalPath® Coaching at a business symposium where Head Business Coach René Haines was conducting an introspective business exercise for the audience. At first, Chuck didn’t agree with the results of his self assessment. However, after some contemplation Chuck came to a different conclusion.

“I realized I really didn’t disagree with her. I just didn’t like the results. She was right.”

While Chuck says he was still disappointed and a little annoyed with himself, he decided to engage FocalPath® Coaching’s monthly virtual business coaching meetings to help him get his business going in the right direction. Admittedly though, Chuck says old habits were hard to break.

“René foresaw several critical issues within my business, many of which I was not ready to confront. They eventually boiled over and I was left picking up the pieces rather than leading my business through difficult times. I became even more annoyed at myself for not listening.”

Despite the ups and downs, Chuck still benefits from and encourages others to take advantage of monthly virtual business coaching.

“One of the greatest parts of being a business owner is being your own boss, but that’s a double-edged sword. With the loneliness of ownership, FocalPath serves as a board member and confidant. They will always be your harshest critic, yet will always be your strongest advocate. Your success is their success.”

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