Heather Grutzius and John White

Heather Grutzius & John White, 510 Architects

John White and Heather Grutzius have managed to grow their firm, 510 Architects, in a way most business partners haven’t – as a married couple.

“FocalPath has helped us open our business conversations up more without the fear of hurting each others’ feelings.”

It’s this level of business maturity that the couple has grown into over the years of working with FocalPath® that has taken their firm from scattered to sensational.

510 began as two businesses – architecture and building/construction. John recalls the decision that FocalPath® helped them make to simplify their organization and gain more time in the day. 

“The building business was very different and required very long hours with contractors and infinite numbers of details. When we switched to an architecture-only model, it was easier to focus and grow because everything was simplified. We felt like we grew up. The information René pounded into us – when we listened – really worked and resulted in growth.”

Within the architecture industry, consultants and coaches are generally frowned upon. Many believe you lose control of everything.

“Most firms don’t survive because they aren’t business-minded. They are very owner-dependent. If you try to make a business out of architecture, most feel you sell out and lose your “creativity;” however, we are truly happy in our business, our team is incredibly talented and engaged, and we love everything about our life. That’s because of René.”

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