Kurt Whittleton

Kurt Whittleton, Classic Party Rentals of Virginia

Longtime FocalPath® Coaching client, Classic Party Rentals of Virginia, has recently done something with their family-run business that few can claim – successfully passed the torch of leadership to their child, Kurt Whittleton. As the new Director of Operations and Marketing for the company, Kurt recalls growing up in the business.

“As a child I remember rollerblading and riding bikes with my sister through the warehouse some nights and most weekends. My parents, Jim and Nina, started this company in 1998 when I was 10 years old, so you can imagine all the time I spent behind the scenes as a kid.”

This exposure to the company at a young age gave Kurt unique insight into the operations – a side of the business he loves. However, becoming a leader was something new to him and FocalPath® has played an important part in the smooth transition between generations.

“It has been very helpful for me to have someone on the outside to give an unbiased opinion. As I take on the leadership role at our company it’s important for me to be challenged. It’s important for me to keep an open mind on all issues. It’s important for me to make the best decisions for the company. FocalPath helps me do exactly that.”

And now that Kurt has fully assumed control of the company, he plans to give back to his parents as a tribute to their hard work and trust.

“As I’ve taken the reins of the company, I am happy for the confidence and the responsibility bestowed upon me to see us through another 21 prosperous years,” Kurt says. “Mom and Dad, you are always welcome to enjoy your free time rollerblading and bike riding in the warehouse!”

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