Chris Rice, owner of Music Makes You Happy Entertainment

Chris Rice, Music Makes You Happy

Chris Rice, owner of Music Makes You Happy Entertainment, knew that he didn’t want his company to be just another DJ company – he wanted much more than that. So he enlisted the help of FocalPath® Coaching to get him focused and on-track.

“René really helps focus my attention on what needs to be done. She does so in a way that is manageable so it doesn’t seem overwhelming.”

Through his one-to-one virtual business coaching sessions, Chris is able to dedicate time to working on his business rather than in it. 

“It’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day operations and forget about the stuff that isn’t as fun or is intimidating. That’s where my monthly meetings with FocalPath come in. They get me back on track.” 
And according to Chris, it’s not just getting back on track, it’s getting excited about where his company is headed.

“My wife always knows when I have had my monthly meeting because I come home excited, refreshed, and reenergized – ready to take on what’s needed to grow my company.”

The future continues to look bright for Chris and Music Makes You Happy Entertainment. He cautions others not to think twice about investing in a virtual business coach.

“My meetings with FocalPath Coaching have been the best investment my company has ever made!”

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