Dr. Tim Withers and Dr. Alison Rhoades

Drs. Tim Withers & Alison Rhoades, Midlothian Animal Clinic

Sometimes you have to look at your business from a fresh perspective to create growth. Alison Rhoades of Midlothian Animal Clinic discovered this to be true when she first came to FocalPath® Coaching for team leadership training and 1-to-1 virtual business coaching.

“We lead the way we naturally lead or have been taught to lead. Last spring, our staff grew into tiers and our leaders needed training. Now, they are understanding the importance of how they speak to people. We have seen large strides in how they conduct themselves day-to-day and especially when challenges arise – they are more objective and less emotional.”

In an industry packed with veterinary-specific consultants, Alison and Tim have also found that FocalPath’s® wide range of business experience was just what they needed in their 1-to-1 virtual business coaching to see their business in a new light.

“You need to avoid group-think. FocalPath helps Tim and I put the focus on what we should and organize the development of the business in a different way, which is exactly what we needed.”
“Any problem you bring to René, she offers a perspective that’s pretty much always on the money. There is a clarity about how you should approach each situation, and she gives you a custom playbook for each challenging situation. I need to communicate in a way that’s not natural to me, but the way the business needs. Her perspective of what you should do, is on the money and the clarity gives you no room to mess it up.”

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