Dr. Tisha Randall Drake Road Orthodontics

Dr. Tisha Randall, Drake Road Orthodontics

When Dr. Tisha Randall purchased Drake Road Orthodontics, she had a general understanding as to how the previous owner ran the business, but admittedly felt very overwhelmed when it came time for her to take over the practice.

“How do you get all of this done? I didn’t go to school for business, I went to school for orthodontics, so it was very overwhelming. While I wasn’t exactly in a desperate state, running the practice was beginning to feel nearly impossible. I just wasn’t sure where to start.” 

Fortunately, Tisha was referred to FocalPath® Coaching through someone in her orthodontic community. In her first phone call with head coach René Haines, she realized the impact she could immediately make on her practice.

“I felt like I got tips just in the discovery call that I could act on that week.”

Many of Tisha’s colleagues have opted for orthodontic-specific consultants, however, she felt that wasn’t the right fit for her practice.

“The way I see it, business is business, no matter what you do. An orthodontic-specific approach would be cookie cutter and what everyone else is doing. It was critical to me that there were a broader perspective and range of experience.”

Drake Road Orthodontics has come a long way since first engaging with FocalPath® Coaching. Tisha says she feels she has a much better handle on the business and much greater peace of mind. The practice has grown and the insight she says she still receives every meeting has helped her negotiate the journey of bringing on a business partner.

“It’s so worth it. Don’t be afraid to spend the money. You’ll always have challenges and difficult situations, but with FocalPath’s® help, you’ll have the confidence to get through it.”

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