Dr. Heather Horton Horton Orthodontics

Dr. Heather Horton, Horton Orthodontics

Dr. Heather Horton opened her Woodbury, Minnesota practice, Horton Orthodontics, in 2014. Shortly after, she began to recognize that the challenges of business ownership she faced were complex, quick-moving, and ultimately a little overwhelming.

“In the early days, it was difficult to make rapid-fire decisions quickly and confidently because it was the first time I had ever experienced those challenges.”

While in the midst of navigating uncharted waters on her own, she met a FocalPath® Coaching client who introduced her to Head Coach, René Haines. After some consideration, she signed up for monthly one-to-one virtual business coaching.

Heather recalls the difference it made in her practice to have a virtual coach in her corner.

“It is extremely helpful to have a confidant and advisor to help guide my decision making process. And even though we live across the country from each other, I feel like she’s right in my living room when we’re having our Skype meetings.”

Since starting with FocalPath® Coaching, Heather has seen significant growth in her revenue and staff size, and she has even built-out a new beautiful office building to accommodate that growth. As for others, Heather sees the benefit FocalPath® can offer.

“I highly recommend FocalPath® for any business owner looking to improve the quality of their business!”

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