Brian Forrester, co-owner and co-founder of Workshop Digital, an online marketing firm

Brian Forrester - Workshop Digital

Brian Forrester, co-owner and co-founder of Workshop Digital, an online marketing firm, has seen explosive growth through his years working with FocalPath® Coaching. He is also no stranger to the acrobatics of growing a business.

“I’ve dealt with losing a key employee, hiring management team members, merging with another business, expanding into new markets, firing employees, moving into a new office, and the list goes on and on.” 

However, with all of the change, one thing remained consistent – FocalPath® Coaching’s guiding presence.

“Throughout all of these twists and turns, René has been there. She is a phenomenal listener and asks pointed questions to help me uncover the best solution – no matter how complex the issue. Her approach to coaching has been extremely valuable to me and my business.”

Workshop Digital’s growth has been exceptional.

“During my time with FocalPath, we have tripled the number of employees in our business and our total revenue, and have won numerous awards for the workplace we have built.” 

And, despite success at any level, Brian recognizes the value FocalPath® Coaching can offer any business owner.

“I would highly recommend FocalPath to any business owner looking for guidance along the path of business ownership, whether just starting out or hiring your 300th employee. An investment in their coaching pays dividends that far outweigh the initial investment.”

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