Susie Fife & Theresa Ceniccola, Red Orange Studio

Susie Fife & Theresa Ceniccola, Red Orange Studio

It could be said that Susie Fife and Theresa Ceniccola, co-owners of Red Orange Studio, enjoy the benefits of 1-to-2 rather than 1-to-1 virtual business coaching with FocalPath®. The dynamic duo has more than doubled revenue and staff size since Susie, the founding partner, began working with head coach René Haines roughly 6 years ago.

“I was in growth mode,” Susie recalls. “Emotionally, I felt scattered and insecure – unsure of what my next steps were. But, I was excited about the possibility of growth.”

After a number of referrals from friends who worked with FocalPath® Coaching, she set an appointment to meet with René.

Susie knew she had stumbled upon something special. She quickly engaged the highly-customized monthly coaching sessions with FocalPath® to help her focus, make hard decisions, and remain accountable for working on her business regularly.

In time, her dedication to the sessions led to the successful merger with Theresa’s company, propelling the collective organization forward with confidence and momentum.

While Red Orange Studio has undoubtedly seen much success, the bumps in the road along the way have always been smoothed out by the insights they receive each month.

“We tackle most urgent topics first,” says Theresa. “So, having René’s experience in challenges, such as reviewing financials more closely, or dealing with difficult employee situations, has been very comforting and reassuring.”

As the two look to the future of their company, they see where they can truly make it what they want.

“René is a very safe and caring person,” says Susie. “I can be who I am as a business owner, wife, mom, and friend, yet benefit from that valuable outside voice.”

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