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Chuck Pearson
At times, she may be your harshest critic, yet she will always be your strongest advocate.
Chuck Pearson

Charles S. Pearson, Jr., CPA
Pearson & Company, PC

About three years ago, I first encountered Rene’ having been invited to a small business symposium she and a mutual friend were hosting. Rene’ had the attendees perform a few tasks regarding each of our businesses, and I initially disagreed with her conclusions. However, after some contemplation on my part, I realized I really didn’t disagree with her, I just didn’t like the results. She was right.

Disappointed (and still a little annoyed...), I met with Rene’ and decided to pursue a coaching engagement with her. Throughout the past several years, she has foreseen several critical issues within my business, many of which I was not ready to confront. EVERY one of those issues eventually “boiled over,” and I was forced to deal with them retrospectively rather than prospectively: I was left picking up pieces rather than leading my business through even more difficult times. Now even more annoyed, but at myself for not listening...

One of the things many small business owners enjoy is being his or her own boss; no one to answer to except yourself. However, this can be a double-edged sword. It can be lonely at the top and Rene’ serves as a board member when you have no Board of Directors, a confidant and friend when you otherwise feel you’re all alone. At times, she may be your harshest critic, yet she will always be your strongest advocate. Your success is her success.

Peer Advisory Boards

Bounce ideas off of and get some great insight from other dynamic business owners at a monthly executive board meeting facilitated by René Haines. Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions are included, and confidentiality is strictly enforced.
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