Mindy Flanigan Founder and CEO Inspiring HR

Mindy Flanigan, Inspiring HR

The world of Human Resources is complex and ever-changing as it is. Add the responsibility of running an HR consulting firm on top of that and you begin to see a picture of the world that Inspiring HR’s founder and CEO, Mindy Flanigan, lives in.

“Our one-page business plan was overwhelming, and frankly, was three pages of disorganized mess. With FocalPath Coaching’s help adopting a more organized system, our entire leader team is focused on how quarterly achievements lead to attainment of yearly goals. Now, we aren’t guessing at goals, deadlines, or project management anymore.”

While implementing new management systems with FocalPath®, Mindy also valued the accountability to keep her on track in their one-to-one virtual business coaching sessions.

“Being a business owner can be lonely. FocalPath® Coaching fills that gap, and then some. They hold you accountable to the tasks at hand, as well as the big picture – constantly reminding you of the value of goals, pace, and planning to get what you want.”

Moving forward Mindy sees a bright future of continued gains in efficiency and traction.

“In 2019 we cut our leadership meeting time in half, which is unbelievable! There’s been cost savings, more time for leaders to lead and work with clients, as well as a bump in morale overall. Everyone can see projects, goals, and milestones being achieved at a more organized and rapid rate. Working with FocalPath was exactly what I needed to take myself and our team to the next level.”

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