Adam Mead Chief Executive Officer Yogg

Adam Mead - yogg

A self-described “dummy about business,” Adam Mead began his branding firm, yogg, with a vision of a future filled with creative inspiration and financial success. In 2009, his company wasn’t quite where he wanted it to be. That’s when he was referred to FocalPath® Coaching.

“I was lost and didn’t know the steps I needed to take. I didn’t have the confidence to make my own decisions.”

In one-to-one coaching sessions, FocalPath® gave Adam recommendations he’d never considered before and made sure he was consistently moving towards his goals.

Now, with over 10 years of coaching, Adam has taken advantage of every service offered by FocalPath® Coaching. But the crown jewel is the Peer Advisory Board.

“No matter the economic climate, the challenges I’ve faced, the opportunities that have presented themselves, being a part of the Peer Advisory Board has brought me peace of mind and invaluable resources for virtually every facet of my business. They are my senior team. They push me every week and help me grow stronger each and every day. The combination of the Board and one-to-one coaching is quite powerful.”

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