July 2023

What do you know about neuroscience? Do you know that it impacts how you run your company? The two articles I’ve chosen this month are about emotional intelligence and being “present” and how neuroscience plays a part in Warren Buffett’s calendar habits. Hey, if it is good enough for Warren, then I think we can learn something from it.
I hope you will learn a few nuggets of knowledge from one or hopefully both of these articles.

If you would like to discuss them further, or if I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and take time to recharge your batteries!

June 2023

Happy summer!  While most of us are thinking about our vacation plans, others are looking at their 3rd quarter goals and deciding if the annual goals are going to happen. 
While some businesses are harmonious when it comes to their teams, others are not so fortunate.  Do you think about conflict in the workplace?  Do you accept that it can actually be healthy dialogue?  The two articles I’m sharing this month discuss how to make disagreements productive, and how to make feedback a team habit. How are you at delivering difficult conversations to your team? It’s never easy, but sometimes we make it much worse than it has to be. This month’s second article gives some great examples of what not to do. If you watch the TV show Succession, you’ll definitely recognize some of these tactics. Don’t be like the Roy family!

February 2023

Happy February!
For those of you who know me well, you know that the topic of leadership is near and dear to me. However, it has to be more than a topic; it’s about the actionable steps that we take as leaders. Don’t just talk about it, do it!
I’ve seen many situations where leaders are too “proud” to ask for help. In my humble opinion, showing some vulnerability is a great strength. Whether it’s asking for someone’s opinion about your behavior or asking someone for help with a project, you should realize these are not weaknesses.
The two articles I’ve included this month go into more detail about how to be a better leader. I hope you find them helpful.
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

November 2022

Are you a good communicator? The truth is that many of us are not. Are you a good listener? Even fewer of us have mastered this skill! As a leader, both are essential tools.

Are you doing regular “check-ins” with your team? Are you leading them through the challenges of the current environment or just going through the motions? I am hopeful that the following articles will be helpful on both fronts.

September 2022

As many of you know, I am passionate about how leaders interact with their teams. It’s often the root of most issues that arise within an organization. This month, I’ve included 2 articles that address this important topic. One focuses on the pressures of seeking perfection in all that we do.

August 2022

As a leader, do you embrace vulnerability? Do you think of vulnerability as a strength? I do! I’ve included an article in this issue that elaborates on how to leverage being vulnerable.

I know it’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, but sadly, it is. I hope you’ve taken the time to spend with your loved ones. As always, if I can answer any questions or be of any assistance, please reach out.

June 2022

So, we are halfway through the year! Are you excited about how your company is performing? Are you on track to hit your goals? Are you showing up as a great leader? In my opinion, two of the most underutilized tools to leverage as a leader are delegation and self-reflection. In this month’s newsletter, you will find an article that discuss delegating and how to be certain that what you’re asking for is what is being heard. I’ve also included an article on incompetent leaders; something none of us wants to be! Having a leadership team that isn’t strong will greatly impact everything in a company, especially the culture and likely the sustainability of the business.

January 2022

I recently sat with an executive, we’ll call him Mark, to review his comprehensive feedback report, which comprised nearly 25 interviews with critical stakeholders. While most feedback contains some contradictory data, in his case, the differences were extreme. Some people described him as supportive and kind while others described him as self-serving and mean-spirited.

December 2021

I hope this finds you wrapping up a successful 2021 with an optimistic outlook into the new year. I encourage you to consider doing a SWOT analysis to look back and learn some ways to make improvements for 2022. I found one article on empowering your team to become more independent/less reliant on you and another on being a humane leader. I thought these were both great reminders.

September 2021

As I am currently working with some clients who are preparing their businesses for sale, it seems timely to talk about what life can look like on the other side of selling your company. Have you ever heard of Private Foundations? How about Donor Advised Funds? Do you know how to maximize your company’s proceeds?