December 2022

As the year is coming to a close, this is a great time for reflection…both personally and professionally. Often times, these two worlds intersect. As a leader, do you know what challenges your team is dealing with at home that might be impacting them at work? One of this month’s articles focuses on how being a care giver impacts so many, whether it be for children, parents or anywhere in between. I hope you find the article thought provoking. The other article discusses the importance of doing a SWOT analysis. I find doing this near the end of the year to be quite beneficial. Assess how your year was, learn from it and apply that to your 2023 plan.

May 2022

I recently onboarded a new client and had the chance to spend 2 days with their leadership team. After working on their Accountability Chart, we started tackling their Core Values. This process is such an essential component to creating a solid infrastructure on which to build your business. Your Core Values should be traits and behaviors that you feel “at your core” and they are non-negotiable.