Entries by René Haines

May 2019

I talk a lot about accountability. I found this great story that I thought did an amazing job of communicating what so many of us are guilty of. I hope it helps clarify why it is important to not adapt company policy to individual needs. Enjoy the story!

April 2019

Have you ever had a great employee…but they just weren’t meeting expectations? Do you realize how paralyzing this can be to the entire organization? The following article does a great job of summarizing this exact scenario. Sometimes having that challenging conversation is exactly what the company needs to move forward.

March 2019

Many of you have heard me speak about the importance of accountability as a necessary ingredient for a successful business. But, many of you find it challenging to have those perceived difficult conversations with your team. I’m hopeful that this month’s article with provide you with some additional guidance and encourage you to include accountability in your businesses.

February 2019

Being a great leader is one of the most difficult challenges that face business owners. It’s striking the right balance between encouragement and accountability, being firm but fair. This article, written by a Navy Seal, does a terrific job of highlighting some critical areas on which to focus.
I hope you will find a couple of good nuggets in the article.

January 2019

I recently saw an interview with the current SBA Administrator Maria Contreras Sweet. She was discussing how the current national unemployment rate is impacting small businesses. Ms. Sweet’s position is that two out of every three new jobs are created by small business, so the need to find talent is critical not only to the success of the small business community, but also to our national economy.