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October 2020

Last month we discussed the importance of marketing in a down economy.  I wanted you to know that I follow my own advice and I am delighted to share my updated website: www.FocalPathCoaching.com. Please feel free to give me some feedback!

September 2020

How important is it to market in a down economy?  I say it is essential!  If you look back at the Great Depression, companies that continued to have a presence were the ones who flourished afterwards.  Today is no different.  How we market might look different but not the concept.

August 2020

Can we have a candid conversation? Are you a control freak? I’ve learned over the years that many people, especially those in a leadership role, don’t recognize this about themselves. Do you have confidence that your business can run without you? Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling with never enough time to get everything done? Do you have time to train others on your processes/procedures? Are you enthusiastic about your role in your company? Depending on how you answered these questions, you just might be a control freak. You could be too afraid to let go and embrace the art of delegation. If this sounds like you, I know you’ll enjoy this month’s article. If you’re struggling with how to change, let’s have a conversation.

July 2020

As we’re full on experiencing the heat of the summer, I thought it appropriate to think about conflict in business (heated conversations). Most people want to avoid conflict…I bet you’re one of them! Do you run from what you perceive to be a confrontational situation? If you are, you’re probably missing a great opportunity to enhance a relationship, grow personally and grow your business. Sound crazy? Read these 2 articles to get some ideas on how conflict can be a healthy part of your culture.

May 2020

The current workforce continues to be one of the most challenging issues I hear about from company owners that I work with.  What can be done?  Be worth working for!

That means not only offering competitive salaries and benefits, but also providing a high-functioning work environment, with effective management, professional development and recognition for a job well done. The best-run hiring process in the world won’t be able to overcome bad word of mouth about what it’s like to work for a particular company.  Making sure that your company’s brand is appropriately and prominently displayed is a big key to finding the right talent.

February 2020

If you know me, you know that accountability is something I talk about often.  It is important in every aspect of our lives.

As a matter of fact, I will be speaking on the topic of accountability at the 2020 Annual Retreat for the Virginia Council of CEO’s in a couple of months.

January 2020

I know it might sound crazy at the beginning of a new year, but do you know your exit strategy?  Do you know how to improve the value of your company to maximize your exit?

I know, I know…you are still recovering from the holidays and just want to watch the big game this weekend!  Trust me, I get it.  However, it is never to early to identify how to maximize what is most likely your biggest investment.  Maybe between today and the game on Sunday, you can find some time to read these articles?  I promise they aren’t too long and hopefully they will give you something meaningful to “chew on” during the game

As a matter of fact, I will be speaking on the topic of accountability at the 2020 Annual Retreat for the Virginia Council of CEO’s in a couple of months.

December 2019

As the year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the year that’s wrapping up and the year ahead. One of my core values is “it’s all about the people”, so that leads me to think about all of the customers and employees that are impacted by my clients. Folks, if you take care of them your business will flourish. Make your plans to establish a culture of employee engagement and a culture of customer experience in 2020. These articles will give you the road maps to do just that!

I wish each of you a healthy and happy holiday season.

November 2019

This is a great time of year to be thankful.

Do you show gratitude at the workplace? Did you know that it cannot only boost morale but also increase productivity? And there’s actually science behind it?

This article is a great reminder of why gratitude is important and the impact it can have on ourselves and those around us. I hope you enjoy it.

October 2019

A few days ago I was meeting with some clients and our conversation turned towards growth and how to manage it. I’ve seen so many companies grow and maintain or even increase their profits proportionate with their revenue. This is ideal! However, too many business owners only concentrate on top line growth and don’t pay attention to the “quality” of their growth or bottom line.