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August 2021

As summer is wrapping up and kids are going back to school, businesses are also preparing for the future of what the work environment should look like. Working from home has proven that employees can perform independently, but there’s also some advantages of seeing your colleagues in person. This article from the Harvard Business Review has some great ideas about how to maintain a healthy new work environment.

Let me know how you enjoy it and keep me posted on what’s happening in your world.

July 2021

I hope your summer is going great and that business is booming. I know many industries are back to their typical revenues and some that are even exceeding their best months ever. In case you’re looking for more opportunities, I thought I would include an article this month that focuses on marketing. Marketing is always a mystery topic for anyone not in the industry.

June 2021

As a result of post pandemic impacts, it seems like every industry is struggling with staffing issues of some sort. When many schools return to in person teaching this fall, there will be plenty of Moms ready to return to the workforce. Are you doing all you can to attract them to your company? Please read the below article to gain some insight as to what these 800,000 workers may be looking for.

May 2021

This month marks FocalPath Coaching’s 16th anniversary! We are honored to have worked with so many wonderful people at so many amazing companies over the years. For this, we are eternally grateful and want to pass along our thanks and gratitude to our current and former clients.

Speaking of giving positive feedback, I hope you will enjoy this month’s article that focuses on the power of kindness at work.

April 2021

In this month’s newsletter, I’m hopeful that you find some knowledge nuggets that will bring additional wins to your business.

I’ve included: an update on the SBA’s EIDL program; a contest from The UPS Store where your small business can win up to $25,000; and an article on how to boost employee morale without costing you anything. I’ve always said that your employees are your greatest asset not listed on your balance sheet, so make sure you are taking care of them. We all know that the labor pool is a challenge right now, so let’s find ways to keep the talent we have!

March 2021

Last month we discussed the importance of marketing in a down economy.  I wanted you to know that I follow my own advice and I am delighted to share my updated website: www.FocalPathCoaching.com. Please feel free to give me some feedback!

February 2021

I’m focusing on productivity again in this newsletter because it seems to be a recurring challenge with so many folks that I work with. I want everyone to have a successful 2021 so I thought I would share some insight about how to approach each day.

January 2021

What do you and Beyoncé have in common? The answer is probably more than you think, but you’ll have to read this article to find out the details that I’m referring to.

Do you struggle with never having enough hours in a day? It’s probably one of the most common challenges I hear from my clients; they just struggle with getting done everything that’s on their priority list.

December 2020

We spend a lot of time talking, thinking and working on ways to improve our leadership skills.  I found a great article in the Harvard Business Review that focuses on leading through an era of exponential change.  If anything can be said for 2020, it is that it has been wrought with changes as we’ve never seen them before.  I hope the core content of this article is helpful to you as we make our way to the end of the pandemic.

November 2020

As we approach Thanksgiving in a very challenging year, my hope is that you will find a few things for which to be grateful.  Personally, I am thankful for each of you (clients, friends, business connections).  Each of you has had some impact on me and helped shape me into the person I am today.  Thank you.

If you are working in the capacity of supervising others, please remember that you are helping to shape them.  You need to continue to help them grow.  One of the best ways to do this is through delegation.  They will learn new tasks, gain more confidence and become a greater asset to your organization.  I hope you all enjoy this month’s article on the topic.