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Brian Forrester, Workshop Digital
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Brian Forrester, Workshop Digital
During my time with René we have tripled the number of employees in our business and our total revenue and have won numerous awards for the workplace we have built.
Brian Forrester, Workshop Digital

Brian Forrester, co-owner of Workshop Digital

I've been working with René for the past 3+ years. During that time I've dealt with losing a key employee, hiring management team members, merging with another business, expanding into new markets, firing employees, moving into a new office, and the list goes on and on. Throughout all of these twists and turns that go hand-in-hand with business ownership, René has been there. She is a phenomenal listener and asked pointed questions to help me uncover the best solution--no matter how complex the issue. Her approach to coaching has been extremely valuable to me and my business. During my time with René we have tripled the number of employees in our business and our total revenue and have won numerous awards for the workplace we have built.

I would highly recommend René to any business owner looking for guidance along the path of business ownership, whether just starting out or hiring your 300th employee. An investment in her coaching pays dividends that far outweigh the initial investment.

Training Workshops

FocalPath Coaching is a trusted facilitator of soft-skills learning solutions that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. By combining the best of organizational learning theory and proven facilitation methods with an appreciation for various adult learning styles, our approach initiates and inspires lasting change. Our training topics include: Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Customer Service, Diversity and many more. Programs can also be customized for your specific needs.

Executive Training Schedule

For more information or to register for a workshop, email: info@FocalPathCoaching.

Generational Diversity in the Workplace

This workshop addresses the current state of generational diversity in the workplace; at the end of this session you should be able to:

  • Define diversity & understand the characteristics of various cultural impacts
  • Learn about the 5 generations that currently co-exist in the workplace
  • Explore the importance of leveraging talent from each generation
  • Look "under the hood" at stereotypes and biases and how they may lead to disrespectful treatment of customers (internal and external)
  • Discuss how individual integrity becomes the glue that holds respectful workplaces together in good times and in bad
  • Create 2-3 strategies that you can use to increase your personal effectiveness in working with varied generations other than your own

Effective Communications

Communications are important in all aspects of life. However, in your business it serves as a critical device for success. What do your employees hear when you speak? Most managers dictate but true leaders guide their staff with their words.

Effective communication allows others to:

  • Understand the message, not just the words
  • Reduce conflict and increase understanding
  • Make others want to listen to you

Let us teach you how to use the power of words to get the desired results you've been missing in your company.

Team Building

A team can be identified as a group where members are focused on a joint goal or a group organized to work together.

Does either of these definitions explain your how employees operate? Team-building is a complex but rewarding job.

Effective teams deliver results which increase your bottom line? Let us help you build or strengthen your team's daily activities resulting in:

  • Creating a cohesive motivated team
  • Making individuals teams players
  • Using "multiplied power" to achieve lasting results

Leadership in the 21st Century

To grow into the leader you want to be and the leader that your business needs, it is important to assess your current role and capabilities, and build on them through an open and honest solicitation of professional feedback and coaching. The program "Leadership in the 21st Century" will help you and your organization excel by developing you into a highly effective leader. As you progress through rigorous live business cases, experiential exercises and leadership diagnostics, you will fine-tune your skill set and create an action plan for evolving your leadership style and enhancing your leadership effectiveness. Throughout the course, you will address key business and personal leadership challenges, understand how to analyze and approach them as opportunities and return to the workplace ready to lead at the next level! Stop forcing and start leading!
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