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Amye & Scott, Richmond Weddings Magazine
We had no idea what our potential was until we met with her.
Amye & Scott, Richmond Weddings Magazine

Amye and Scott Brunette
Richmond Weddings Magazine

Amye and Scott were already successful small business owners when they met René. "At the time, we weren't looking for a business coach," says Amye, "I never thought we would need it." But one chat with René revealed a new frontier of opportunities for their business. They sensed in René a seasoned advisor who could take their business to the next level...and René did not disappoint.

Through her collaborative combination of one-on-one coaching, communications workshops, and the supportive wisdom of the Peer Advisory Boards, Amye and Scott were able to redefine thresholds for growth and development in their business like never before. Since their first meeting, Amye says, "Our sales have increased 60%, and we hired our first full-time employee..." "We had no idea what our potential was until we met with her."

Amye stresses that even entrepreneurs who don't think they need help can benefit from René's business coaching. "For us, we weren't in a time of struggle — we were doing just fine," she says. Amye challenges other small business owners to consider her advice: "Even if you are unsure or on the fence, just do a consultation with René and see, it's totally worth it!"

Peer Advisory Boards

Bounce ideas off of and get some great insight from other dynamic business owners at a monthly executive board meeting facilitated by René Haines. Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions are included, and confidentiality is strictly enforced.
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