January 2023

I hope 2023 is off to a great start for everyone. I had a great 2-day retreat with my EOS Advisory Board clients last week, and every company that participates had their best year ever in 2022! I’m really proud of that group and how they hold each other accountable.
As we discussed their strategic plans for 2023, we talked a lot about how to engage and appreciate employees and how important that is to the sustainability of all small businesses. So, I thought it appropriate to include a couple of articles in this month’s newsletter on the topic. I hope you find some useful information in both articles.

October 2022

As the year is winding down, I think it is an important time to reflect on what has transpired and to project what changes should be considered moving forward. In thinking about employee engagement, two things come to mind: delegation and regular check-ins. Are you utilizing these tools? Some leaders struggle with delegation as they think their team is already busy and they don’t want to impose. However, great employees will rise to the occasion and absorb the work like champions.

July 2022

Hopefully by now, most of you know how important employee development is. In my opinion, it is an essential component of retaining your team, growing innovation and enhancing your customer experience. The articles below talk about how to incorporate training into your team’s everyday workflow AND how to provide feedback and training/professional development plans in performance reviews. Reinforcing to your team that you’re willing to invest in them is priceless!

April 2022

Were you aware that “more than 25 million people quit their jobs in the second half of 2021?”
As we all struggle with the labor shortage, focusing on the staff we have needs to be a top priority. I’ve included one article this month that has some great ideas on how to retain talent. Making it a more engaged environment will make a huge difference.

February 2022

How many of you are concerned about the labor market right now? I would guess everyone who is reading this! The labor pool is very small and compensation expectations are very high. So, what are you doing to ensure that you will retain your current team members? These two articles have some great suggestions to address this issue.

November 2021

Are you struggling with staffing challenges right now? Who isn’t! Do you know what your staff is looking for in this new age of employment? I’ve included a terrific article that looks at what your team members might be looking for, and it goes beyond just flexibility.

October 2021

Please don’t miss the opportunity to join us for next week’s complimentary workshop where you can learn about some new concepts managing your proceeds from the sale of your company. Even if you’re not planning to sell in the next handful of years, this information is valuable and it’s never too early to start planning.

July 2021

I hope your summer is going great and that business is booming. I know many industries are back to their typical revenues and some that are even exceeding their best months ever. In case you’re looking for more opportunities, I thought I would include an article this month that focuses on marketing. Marketing is always a mystery topic for anyone not in the industry.

June 2021

As a result of post pandemic impacts, it seems like every industry is struggling with staffing issues of some sort. When many schools return to in person teaching this fall, there will be plenty of Moms ready to return to the workforce. Are you doing all you can to attract them to your company? Please read the below article to gain some insight as to what these 800,000 workers may be looking for.